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“Express yourself through creative arts.”

Message from Sarasvati: You’re a limitless being.  If it seems that you have time, money, or other restrictions, it’s simply because your mind is focused upon the material world. You can unlimit yourself by lifting the cloak of the material world from your focus. Music is essential for the expression of nonmaterial ideals and energies. Music colors our surroundings with emanations from the highest vibrational fields. It allows us to escape all limitations in our thinking and very existence. Surround yourself in music, and allow it to stimulate your own creative thinking and to spark new ideas. Flow with the music, and give yourself permission to investigate and experiment with putting your creative ideas into action. Enjoy being limitless!

Various meanings: Play music, sing, dance, draw, paint, write, or do something creative. Study, or change to a career that gives you creative freedom. Take a creative class. Invest in an artistic hobby. Keep a journal of your creative ideas. Join a writing club or other creative support system.

About Sarasvati: The Hindu goddess of the arts, Sarasvati helps us with all creative expressions, such as music, writing, dancing, and eloquent speaking. The wife of Brahma, Sarasvati prizes knowledge and creative expression above material possessions. Her symbols include a white swan, the vina musical instrument, and a book of knowledge. She helps us focus our minds on our creative projects, and not get distracted or procrastinate.

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