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The Perfection of Your Life

Have you ever seen a storm pictured from above? It can appear to be so beautiful and elegant. This is certainly different to the ground view which can be quite a violent experience. So too, there is great beauty in your life now. However, at this point in the natural process, you may be experiencing it as anxiety-inducing rather than beautiful. You mat sense it as internal chaos. You may feel it as something that is waiting to erupt from within, as a restlessness or an anxiety that you cannot quite articulate but sense vaguely nonetheless. Perhaps the chaos is fully-fledged and a person or situation in your life is causing all kinds of havoc, upheaval or change and uncertainty in your world.

Whether the chaos seems subtle, strong, internal or external, this oracle brings the same message for you. All is unfolding according to a perfect higher order. You are currently enduring a cosmic, spiritual storm which is having an impact on you. It is clearing things out, ruffling feathers, and preparing you for that lovely, super-fresh, uplifting feeling that one experiences after the storm has finally passed. If you have drawn the oracle of After the Storm as well, this message is amplified for you. Even if you have not chosen that card, but feel intuitively drawn to read the message for it after the healing process below, you are encouraged to do so.

If you cannot believe there is anything happening – even at a subtle level – because you feel stuck, denied, bored, thwarted or stale, this oracle brings you a message also. No matter what appears to be, in truth there is only the unfolding, creative genius of the universe. You are not forgotten. You have not been looked over. You have not been denied, found wanting or rejected as unworthy. The storm that needs to erupt is in your own heart. Do your liberating rain-dance! Rage, weep, pray, dance, paint or sing. Express whatever is needed, however is needed, to exorcise the blocked energy in your heart. Then you will call on the powerful perfection of your life path, as it aligns for the next creative turn of the spiral of life. Once again you will trust and directly experience the flower of life unfolding within you and around you.



Imagine you are standing at the silent center of a great cleansing storm. All aspects of your life are rained upon, blown about and even messed up a little. How do you feel? The storm then passes and you are left with soft sunshine and slightly soggy feet! Some parts of your life will have been washed away. Some others will be strong and stable, a bit messy perhaps but still there nonetheless. How do you feel?

Underneath your feet you see a pattern forming in the cleansed earth, as if it is rising up from the damp, slightly disturbed soil. A golden, gleaming geometric pattern of the flower of life glows. Sense the perfection of the form, see how each flower feeds into the next, in symmetry, harmony and balance.

Finish this practice by saying, “I give thanks for the higher order of my life, which I trust implicitly, as it guides me into wholeness and love. From that which appears as chaos, new order is rising. I trust this and receive the gift of higher order in my life now. Through grace and mercy, so be it.”

Relax for a moment, become aware of your feet and in your own time, go back to your day or evening. You have completed your healing process. If you are very drawn to the flower of life pattern, you may like to research it further and draw or color it into your journal as a visual, meditative exercise.

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