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New Birth, Guarded Vigilantly

In every creative process, in every birth, in every opening of a new cycle of life, there is a time of vulnerability. This vulnerability is natural and appropriate. It is the foal learning to become steady on its legs. Those legs will become remarkably powerful in time, but the process of growth and maturity has to take place, and that requires some wobbly first attempts. It cannot be any other way.

Within you, perhaps even below the level of your conscious awareness, there is fresh new life emerging like a vibrant green shoot rising up from the earth. This new life is in need of your attention and your care. This could be a new relationship that needs tending with interest and kindness. It could be a new idea that you need to nurture into fullness, because it is going to hold special purpose for your life path. It might be something within you – a new behavior, a new way of looking at yourself or a new way of being in the world – that you need to tend until it becomes more natural for you to embody.

This is most significantly so, if you have also drawn the oracle of Defend to the End, the Worthwhile. If you feel drawn to do so, you may read the guidance for that card now. Drawing either or both of these cards alerts you to the fact that the idea you are currently nurturing, or soon will, is of great importance to your life path. Pay appropriate respect to the messages of those cards and you will reap great spiritual benefit and emotional well-being.

If you have also drawn the oracle of She Feels, She Knows, or feel intuitively guided to read the message for that card also, then the importance will be far reaching and long term in its influence. You must pay attention to the new life emerging for you now, or that you will soon sense. You must not be careless and think it doesn’t matter. It matters greatly. Being careless now is akin to killing off the idea before it has a chance to grow strong enough to withstand the criticism, jealousy or sabotage by dark consciousness in others or yourself. We don’t have to be frightened of destructive energy – it exists in nature and in us, and is a part of life. We do, however, need to be intelligent to its potential power and stay centered in our heart and in our wisdom to avoid its ill effect upon that which we are nurturing into life.

You will not always need to cloak that which is young. Soon enough it will be able to stand up for itself, but for now, your vigilance and care is most certainly required. Hug your ideas to yourself as though they were a new lover you cannot bear to share with another. In time the world will be the lover receiving the love in your idea. For now, it is for you to love, for you to hold and for you to observe. Only allow those proven to be trustworthy to support you in this – those who can handle the frequency or vibration of what you are seeking to nurture. Some may love you but be frightened of what you are creating. Stay true to yourself and your creative power and be wise as to whom you invite into your inner sanctum to witness this new life emerging.

This oracle also brings particular guidance about keeping your inner sanctuary pure. This may be your room, a scared place you visit, or your own body, into which you retreat in relaxation or meditation. Sometimes you will find that others have taken up residence in your sanctuary. Perhaps an argument that you cannot let go of, has another living in your head. A suffering that has not been acknowledged and released can feel like a big, old dirty suitcase of emotional baggage cluttering up the temple space of your heart. It is time to focus on the purity, light, love and compassion that dwells within you. Everything else will come and go, and that is just fine. But the purity within your sanctuary is eternal. You can come back to it to refresh your spirit and gain resources to help you deal with the rest of the world and even your own darker moments, anew. It will give you the peace and spaciousness of mind you need to recognize the new life, and to compassionately, but firmly, denounce any intrusion upon that new life by doubt, fear or sabotage.


Close your eyes and relax. Focus on your breath for several moments. Imagine the external world fading away and allow yourself to step into your heart, as though within you there is a silent, vast, open space. That space within is peaceful.

Sense, see or feel that deep within that space, a tender young shoot is rising out of the earth. With tremendous courage and focus, it has summoned the energy to crack through the seed that once contained its life force, and it is reaching directly up towards the light, boldly determined to become a full, mature plant.

Imagine that you are joyfully, lovingly and consciously standing guard over that shoot. From a loving, aware, and strong space you firmly move on any big muddy boots that would step on it, or any devouring insects that look rather interested in that tasty young morsel. You do this easily and effectively, whilst remaining centered in your heart.

Around you and the shoot are many beings of unconditional love. These may be ancestors, spiritual guides, beings of light or angelic beings.

You may sense darkness rise and fall around you and the circle of light created by your love and the beings supporting you to protect this tender young shoot. You notice that rise and fall of darkness whilst remaining calm, centered and detached in your heart as you focus your love on the young plant. Watch it respond and grow strong. All is well. You may whisper to it, “You are safe and you will grow strong and thrive! Through unconditional love, so be it!”

In your own time, just open your eyes and you have completed your healing process. At any time you can return to repeat this process, especially if you ever feel anxiety or fear about your new life being able to sustain itself and become strong. There is no need for worry, just treat such feelings as an intuitive sign that this healing process will be helpful for you and repeat it. You can do it daily for a few weeks if you are going through a particularly vulnerable period in your life. It will never do you any harm, it will only ever support you.

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