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She Feels, She Knows

An illumination is erupting from within you as a vision that is bringing what was once obscured into clarity. This is not likely to happen as a blinding, shocking insight, but as more of a softer, gentle knowing. It is like knowing something without understanding exactly when or how you came to know it.

This insight will assist you and you are asked to honor it. You will know which insight it is at the right time. Your heart will tell you. You are therefore being asked to rely upon the clarity that is coming to you now, or has just recently come. Gently, but firmly, from that place of knowing, intend to act and take your next steps forward.

This oracle comes to you with guidance, particularly about long-range or long-term developments. Something that is far bigger than the immediate situation, issue or moment is of importance – although you will only have a dim sense of that possibility, at best. The situation you find yourself in right now may not be one of joy, but in time you will understand more of the bigger picture. You will come to see why things are happening as they are, and how you are being helped on to the next stage of your path – even though it may look like an obstacle right now.

You are being asked to think in terms of long-term happiness. Sometimes this warrants change or even temporary restrictions in the short term. If you can’t see how the present can possibly become what you sense the future to be, this message is especially relevant: “Through the natural process of transformation, great leaps are indeed possible.” You simply must be prepared to surrender into the process with absolute trust.

This oracle brings you specific guidance. The situations in your current life are particularly geared towards a more significant manifestation that is coming to you, according to your life path and purpose. This is a stage of preparation and of building a foundation that will hold you strong and centered as your creative journey unfolds and your life path becomes ever more brilliant and luminous. So keep plugging away, remain patient but most of all, be hopeful and trust in the light you sense ahead of you, for it is the light that is within you, simply revealed more fully. And all that is happening now, is happening to that end.


Stand with your feet at hip width and your arms loosely and comfortably at your sides, slightly away from your body.

Say aloud, “I feel the light of all that I am, and will be, unfolding from within me now.”

Stand still and rest your eyes on one point, or lightly close them if you can do so easily without compromising your balance. Feel, sense, imagine or perceive that there is a pure light switched on inside of you, almost as if an internal light switch was flicked on. Perceive or feel that the light is growing brighter, bigger and wider, and more radiant. Allow it to shine outwards, from within you, as if there was a vibrant sun at the center of your being with its rays extended outwards in all directions. You are a radiant, glowing being. Can you feel the joy and uplifting happiness of this?

When you are ready say, “I surrender what is, into the loving fire of transformation, the light of which illuminates the present and manifests the future, in the highest creative expression of unconditional love.”

Be with that inner light for several moments and then place as much of your intention as possible into your feet, feeling the connection to the ground beneath you. Feel the present moment by being aware of the physical sensations of your feet. Feel their coolness or the warmth. Are they tingly, cold or stiff and in need of some flexing and stretching? Move your feet as you wish, and in your own time, simply open your eyes, move around and return to your day or evening. You have completed your healing process.

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