Protective Shield

Yarrow’s Magical Specialties: banishing and exorcism, divination, healing, releasing negative emotions, protection

Notice how the warrior in this image emanates the alert, confident relaxation that is a natural byproduct of his meticulous vigilance and well-practiced expertise in the art of defense. Similarly, the divine energies that surround you are utterly reliable in their ability to protect; with them on your side, you need not experience a single moment of fear, feel drained of the tiniest portion of your precious life force, or be overly open to challenging energies of any kind.

But first, you need to call on these divine protective energies and then relax and trust that you are, indeed, protected. A simple way to do this is to close your eyes and center yourself as you breathe away any tension and fear. Then consciously connect with the earth and cosmos, feeling light and energy coming in from beneath your feet, through your tailbone, and down through the crown of your head. Realize that you are not alone: you are one with everything and, like a reigning monarch, you have within your command all the protection you need. From this place of connection, envision a very bright, fiery, golden-white sphere of light around you. Feel and know from the depths of your soul that you are completely safe within this light and that no negative or challenging energies of any kind may enter. Feel gratitude for this shield of light, and say an inner thank you to the divine protective powers that be.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

If you are concerned about anyone or anything, stop worrying. Instead, release the person or situation to the Divine, and call on protective energies and light to surround and protect.

Do not allow any person, place, or situation to drain you of energy. Stand in your power and enlist the support of divine protection and love.

You will benefit by surrounding yourself in protective light at this time.

Cleanse yourself of fear. Clear physical and emotional clutter from your mind, body, and home. Call on the Divine in any way that feels powerful for you, then, mentally shield yourself (and any other people, places, objects, or situations) in a protective shield of light.

Fear and worry are negative prayers. No matter how frightening things may appear, call on divine help, trust that you are supported by this help, and cultivate a deep, expansive sense of confidence and calm.

Spend time with yarrow, bring yarrow into your garden, creative a protective charm with dried yarrow, take the homeopathic flower essence remedy, put the flower essence in your bath water, or diffuse the essential oil.

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