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Bleeding Heart

Heal the Heart

Bleeding Heart’s Magical Specialties: beauty in pain, emotional availability, healing depression, attracting love

Whether or not you consciously realize it, somewhere deep within your heart center – the wheel of energy and actual physical region located at the center of your sternum – there is pain in the form of grief or heartbreak that is crying out to be healed. This is never something to lament or worry about; in fact, it is an intrinsic quality of the human condition. We are infinite beings having a temporary experience within the illusion of time. As such, we experience loss all along the way, and our sensitive openness causes us to grieve not just for ourselves, but also for other suffering beings within the interconnected whole. Without this sense of grief and awareness of pain, we can have no sense of joy and awareness of love. This means that it is not in our best interest to hide from this pain or numb ourselves in order to muffle it. When it is stuck and unacknowledged it causes life to feel stale and depressing, but when we feel it and heal it, it is the wind in our sails and helps propel us forward in beautiful, life-affirming ways. In truth, in order to live a brave, full, satisfying life, we must continually surrender to the process of healing from the loss, grief, and heartbreak that characterize this human experience.

One way to begin to do this is to sit quietly and place your attention on your breath as it goes in and out. Don’t force it, just notice it. You’ll observe that it naturally begins to deepen. Then bring your attention to your heart center and visualize a very bright white light dwelling in the middle of your chest. Begin to imagine that you are breathing in and out of your heart, and see the light becoming brighter, clearer, and more intense as you breathe. (If it feels right, you can also place your hand on your heart and send love to it through your palm.) If you can, stay with this for at least ten minutes, and don’t be surprised if you experience a generous upwelling of emotion.

Lstening to heartfelt music can also help heal and purify the heart. Even if you’re not exactly sure what feelings need to be aired out just yet, you might find some music that tugs at your heartstrings and then listen to it as you sit quietly or engage in another energy-moving or heart-opening activity such as dancing meditatively or clearing clutter. Additionally, watching a really sad movie or reading a sad book (ideally when alone) can have a therapeutic effect, as opening the flow of tears can help dislodge old pain and provide a beautiful salt-water soul-cleanse.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Before manifesting the conditions your desire, an emotional detox is necessary. Feel your feelings from the past so that you can clear the decks for your most beautiful possible present.

Admit your feelings to others so that you can act from a place of authentic connection.

Perhaps without realizing it, you have been distancing yourself from your emotions in order to avoid feeling pain. Do what you need to do to get your emotions flowing an heal old hurts, and you will experience an exponentially greater level of clarity, connection, inspiration, and joy.

Grief cannot be rushed, but it can be prolonged by pushing it away and denying it exists. If you have experienced a loss, such as the death of a beloved friend or family member, or a breakup or other ending of some sort – even if it was a long time ago – it appears that you may have been denying or downplaying your feelings to some extent. Nourish your personal essence by giving up on this denial and entering fully into the flow of feeling.

Denying your pain never makes it go away, so you might as well feel it and be done with it. Besides, you’ll find that feeling your pain is much less unpleasant than holding it in.

Admit your feelings to yourself so that you can align with the truth of this situation and take steps necessary to move forward in the most ideal of ways.

Know that you deserve to feel your feelings around this situation.

Sensitivity is a key to joy, and joy is your birthright.

Sensitivity is strength; stop trying to “be strong” by putting up armor, and step into the true strength of tenderness and love.

Spend time with bleeding heart blossoms or plant bleeding heart in your garden.

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