Devotee of Beauty

Tulip’s Magical Specialties: beauty, desire, gratitude, grounding, heart strengthening, love goddess alignment, love, relationship healing, simplicity

While we live in a world characterized by the appearance of duality, in truth there is no separation, and all is one: form and spirit, outer and inner, visible and invisible. True beauty transcends this dual appearance, straddling the realms and making its presence known in the heart and in the place beyond logical, linear knowing. In this way, true beauty is not superficial or shallow but is an aspect of divinity. Additionally, true beauty can be present in all things: the obvious things we associate with beauty – such as faces, forms, art, and physical places – but also all else, including thoughts, situations, relationships, activities, and the present moment.

This card counsels you to find the beauty in everything and indicates that there may be unrecognized beauty in the object of your inquiry. Every challenge possesses a precious kernel of inspiration, every person is alive with divine energy, and every situation offers an opportunity to align more deeply with the beauty, well-being, and balance that underlies and characterizes the heart of all things.

Additionally, you are counseled to get in touch with your sense of true universal beauty and to make choices that are in alignment with it, rather than opposed to it. So take a moment to close your eyes. Relax, breathe, and center yourself. Now feel yourself rooted into the moist, fertile earth like a tulip bulb in spring. Draw pure beauty up from the earth, and feel your heart melding with the tulip blossom’s simple beauty. See the tulip at your heart begin to radiate white light like the sun, and see this light expand until it completely fills your body and aura. Now that you’re bathed in the energy of beauty, awaken to its energetic momentum and current as it flows through what you are inquiring about. Allow yourself to move with this current to reap its heart-healing benefits and make decisions that will increase the overall beauty quotient in the world.

Finally, recognize that you are a devotee of beauty even in the seemingly tiny details of life: when you brush your teeth, you are expressing devotion to the sparkling beauty of your mouth. When you sweep, you are expressing devotion to the clear and simple beauty of your home. When you speak of others, you are expressing devotion to their most beautiful selves while allowing your inner beauty to shine. Indeed, when done with intention to glorify and magnify beauty, everything can be an expression of spiritual love and devotion.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Recognize and honor your own true beauty.

Recognize and honor the true beauty of everyone involved in this situation.

Say yes to the moment and accept it fully. Then, and only then, make positive changes with loving assertiveness.

Let even your smallest actions be expressions of devotion.

See your entire life as an opportunity to increase the overall beauty quotient in the world.

Beautify your home with the intention to uplift the spirit and senses.

Concentrate on physical beautification as a way to honor and express spiritual beauty: for example, go to a spa, enhance your wardrobe, or engage in beauty treatments at home.

Do not discount the immense power of beautiful little gifts (to yourself and others) such as jewelry, compliments, or fresh flowers.

Do not judge yourself for wanting to be seen and appreciated. Allow your radiant beauty to shine.

Bless the world generously with your appreciation and expression of beauty.

Bring tulip into your garden or home, spend time with tulip, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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