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Soften the Edges

Wisteria’s Magical Specialties: beauty that increases with age, divine blessings, divine comfort, divine love, healing grief, softness, soothing, stress relief, wisdom

There is a time for toughness, rigorous discipline, and razor-sharp precision, but this is not one of those times. Wisteria counsels you to smooth away rigidity and to dwell in a veil of soft serenity, openness, and forgiveness. Let go of perfectionism, externally imposed standards, or the desire to control or micromanage. Choose to see yourself, others, and the conditions associated with this situation in a newer, more positive, and more favorable light. Let any sharp corners or jagged edges within you be smoothed away like sea glass in the relentless current of the deep blue sea.

We presently live in a culture where linear thinking and objectivity rule the day. However, newer findings in quantum science indicate that what we perceive on the external plane is actually inextricably intertwined with our inner perception of it, and that facts associated with what we call reality may only appear to be “cold” and “hard” because enough of us choose to agree that they are. Similarly, more ancient human cultures and cosmologies suggest that reality is much more fluid and malleable than present-day conventional thinking would have us believe. As such, the watery realm of intuition and subjectivity deserves much more credit and attention than it generally receives.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Any perceived challenges may fall away immediately if you simply change your judgment of them and see yourself and the situation in the most favorable and forgiving light possible.

Give yourself a break.

Let go of harsh energy and summon the qualities of softness, sweetness, and surrender.

Even if you feel compelled to traverse harsh situations (such as jury duty or a night shift at the ER), consciously surround yourself in a cushiony veil of energetic softness.

Literally surround yourself in softness and comfort. For example, visit a spa, soak in a hot bath, add a furry throw blanket to your sofa, wear comfy boots to work, or cloak yourself in a cloud-like robe.

Go easier on yourself and others.

Adopt a more easygoing and forgiving attitude.

Let go of criticism and ease up on discipline.

Choose to focus on and illuminate your more positive qualities rather than dwelling on what you perceive to be negative.

Spend time with wisteria, bring wisteria into your garden, inhale wisteria’s unique and spicy scent, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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