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Sensual Pleasure

Jasmine’s Magical Specialties: abundance, joy, sensuality, attractiveness, sexual healing, relaxation

The more you open to sensual pleasure, the more joy you will experience, the more beauty you will radiate, and the more love you will give and receive.

At this very moment, consciously connect with your sensual presence in this physical realm. Begin by breathing deeply, relaxing your muscles and internal organs, and feeling the weight of your body as it connects with the earth. Also feel the temperature of the air as it caresses your skin, notice any aromas that may be wafting through the air, feast your eyes on the colors and textures that surround you, and generally take stock of all five senses and how you feel from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Although the appearance of this physical incarnation is characterized by duality – form and spirit, seen and unseen, known and unknown – in truth there is no separation and all is one. When you choose to consciously, lovingly connect with the physical world that surrounds and cradles you, you also connect with All That Is and with the wisdom that you presently seek.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Get out of your head and into your body.

Add sensual treats to your present experience: burn some incense, anoint yourself with essential oil, surround yourself with a cozy throw, or create more ambient lighting, for example.

Walk outside barefoot.

Enjoy sensuality: take a bath, eat something delicious, or get a massage.

Your body knows the answer. For example, while you consider the issue, notice any notable sensations in your heart, belly, or anywhere in between. A warm, open, pleasurable feeling may mean yes, you can trust this situation or you’re on the right path, while a tight, constricted, or painful feeling likely means no, proceed with caution, or choose a different path.


Enjoy dressing and caring for your body. Choose colors, textures, and scents that nourish you.

Practice surrendering to pleasure alone or with a trustworthy partner.

Release old, shame-based thinking about sexuality. Release negative thoughts about your body.

Know that pleasure heals.

Deal with the physical aspects of this issue first.

Smell jasmine flowers, take jasmine essence, drink jasmine tea, or inhale jasmine absolute or essential oil of jasmine.

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