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Necessary Change

Freesia’s Magical Specialties: clarity, courage to make necessary changes, healing depression, self-love, removing blocks, transmutation, womb healing

Even if it seems frightening or uncomfortable, a fundamental change is in the works, and it will ultimately be highly positive. For example, it might be time for a move, a career change, a break up or a break-through. And just like the caterpillar goes through an unthinkable struggle to become a butterfly – before even knowing why or what it’s all about – the initial harbingers of a forthcoming positive change can often feel distressing, painful, and confusing.

While it’s natural to feel unsettled during times of change, tap into that deep, wise, eternal awareness that transcends your worrying mind and allow it to comfort and nourish you during this challenging time. Once you’re grounded in this wisdom, do your best to surrender to the changes. Take a step out of your comfort zone, try something new, be honest about your true desires, and trust that it is safe for anything that is out of integrity to fall away.

Remember also that even the most positive changes possible can be highly stressful as they occur and during the time leading up to them. So even if you’re undergoing a dearly desired change, don’t judge yourself if you find yourself feeling frightened, overwhelmed, or in any way less than wonderful right now: it’s a natural part of the process and a natural part of being on planet Earth. Just do your best to embrace and allow it all – even the stress. Breathe through the challenges, break through the inertia, and let the euphoric feelings carry you through. Imagine how scary it must be the first time a butterfly gloriously launches herself into the breeze!

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

The challenges you’re experiencing are precursors to a highly positive and necessary change.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Try something new.

Your current situation has been specifically chosen by your soul as a way to grow and evolve in the most beautiful and liberating of ways.

Breathe into your feelings – pleasant, not so pleasant, and everywhere in between – and allow them all to flow and be what they are without judging or suppressing them. This will help you move through your current changes with harmony and grace.

Be assured that your unsettling feelings will not last forever and are simply a part of your current positive transition.

Visualize and feel your most positive possible outcome as if it’s already true, and let the euphoria of following your heart’s desire carry you through.

Believe in your ability to thrive.

Know that you deserve to experience success and are empowered to experience positive change.

Let your imagination soar as you visualize and manifest your beautiful new reality.

Spend time with freesia, inhale the scent, bring freesia into your garden or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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