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Light in the Darkness

Chrysanthemum’s Magical Specialties: longevity, mental clarity, optimism, protection, solving mysteries, soothing grief

A fall and winter flower, chrysanthemum prefers to bloom when the light becomes diminished and the length of the days begins to wane. And yet, chrysanthemum is deeply aligned with the sun – the name chrysanthemum comes from the Greek word chrysos and translates to “gold flower.” As such, chrysanthemum’s wisdom is about shining light into darkness: solving mysteries, piercing confusion or muddle-headedness with the bright light of clarity, raising flagging spirits, and generally bolstering energy during times when it would otherwise begin to wane.

With regard to your inquiry, the appearance of this card may also have to do with dispersing depression with brightness and optimism, traversing heavy or dubious energies while encompassed in an envisioned shroud of bright protective light, looking deeply into the shadows to solve a mystery or claim a formerly disowned aspect of yourself, or reviving yourself with a boost of clarity, vitality, and energy.

Remember that you are powerful beyond measure: if you so choose, you can overcome challenges, face fears, power through, and emerge victorious. Simply tune into chrysanthemum’s magic, and then call on and mentally fill yourself, your surroundings, your loved ones, and any situation with the bright, powerful, invigorating, golden-white light of the sun.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Seek out a trusted holistic health practitioner to help boost your health and energy levels.

Call on your energy reserves and power through.

Eat and drink healthful foods, beverages, and supplements in order to bolster your energy and vitality.

Mentally call upon the sun’s bright light and then look more deeply into the situation to solve the mystery and establish clarity and resolution.

Consult with tarot cars or the I Ching to shine even more light on the situation.

Bravely face your ear and reclaim the shadow aspect in order to reclaim the fullness of your personal power.

When traversing an energetically heavy and challenging location or situation, be sure to call on divine help and surround yourself in visualized golden-white light so that you can be a beacon of positivity for yourself and others.

Spend time with chrysanthemum, brings mums into your garden, drink chrysanthemum tea, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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