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Geranium’s Magical Specialties: exorcism, goddess energy and feminine healing, happy home, health and healing, heart healing, love, positive energy, protection, purification, strength, courage, resilience, support for children, truth

Take a moment to consider geranium’s potent, healing, vitalizing scent, vibrantly colored leaves and flowers, unflagging survival strategies, and generally vigorous nature. This is precisely the energy that you are called upon to embody right now. Just like the geranium, you can be your precious, sensitive, magical self while also being extremely hearty and resilient. No matter what you are presently experiencing, you can survive, flourish, and emerge stronger and with more wisdom, understanding, and life experience than you otherwise would have.

Like the girl in the image, imagine yourself surrounded with vibrant geraniums and strongly supported by a sturdy tree. Feel the sacred ground beneath your very feet nourishing you, supporting you, and providing you with the sturdiness and grounding you need. Indeed, you are never alone; as a priestess or priest of the earth, you have a tremendous support system- Gaia and all her children, with whom she is one – lovingly and faithfully surrounding you at all times.

Even if you’re currently in a city or see more cement and asphalt than earth, remember that from the planet’s perspective all modern structures were erected less than a heartbeat ago, and even the most developed areas still retain their true, ancient, sacred nature. Take a moment to honor this sacred nature now, and know that you are in no way separate from it: the earth’s wisdom is your wisdom, and the earth’s strength is your strength. Whatever challenges or situations you may be traversing, an extreme storehouse of natural power is available to you at this very moment. Plug into the energy grid of the earth. Stand your ground. Let your words and actions be fueled by your ancient inner knowing that you are one with everything. Thrive!

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Be strong. Know that you will make it through.

Allow yourself to receive strength and support from other people and the earth.

Lend your strength and support to any loved ones who may need it right now.

Trust that you will heal.

Move forward bravely, and actively bring about the outcome you desire.

Remember that you are powerful.

Consciously align with the earth.

Spend time in a forest or with a tree.

Smell geranium, spend time with geranium, plant geranium in your garden, take the homeopathic flower essence remedy, or inhale/anoint yourself with essential oil of geranium.

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