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Black-Eyed Susan

Get Grounded

Black-Eyed Susan’s Magical Specialties: cleansing and releasing, connecting with transitioned loved ones, grounding, integration, mediumship

The answer to your question involves becoming still for a moment and connecting with the ancient, nourishing energy of our loving and beloved Mother Earth. Feel your roots going deeply into the ground and drawing precious spiritual sustenance and serenity into your body and aura. Imagine the feel of the cool, dark, moist, nutrient-rich earth as though it surrounds and encompasses your entire body. Allow yourself to relax into the feeling of being cradled and caressed, and allow all worries and frenetic thinking to dissolve. Then come into an awareness of your human body. Feel your weight being lovingly held by the ground beneath you. If you are female, become aware of the still, sensual, earthy energy of your womb area. Through your womb space, feel your connection to the womb of the planet; notice that here, in this creative center, you possess access to all of the Earth Goddess’s wisdom, serenity, and love.

If you detect tension anywhere in your body, allow your slowly deepening breath to move into it and release it. Even if you feel tension or worry that doesn’t dissolve immediately, smile to it, say yes to it, and allow it to be as it is. Relax and trust that you are perfectly supported in all ways.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Release your cares and worries to Mother Earth for spiritual composting.

Allow yourself to be nourished and supported by the divine realm, other creatures, and the planet.

Take steps to come into your body; for example, dance, take a bath, dress and care for your body lovingly, get a massage, inhale earthy scents such as patchouli or vetiver, or visualize sending roots deep into the earth.

Nourish your body with healthy substantial foods.

Eat grains or root vegetables.

Release habits that keep you in an anxious or overly intellectual mindset, such as drinking too much caffeine or constantly checking your email.

Spend time in nature.

Love and approve of your body as it is now.

Revel in sensual pleasures, such as sex, aromatherapy, walking barefoot in nature, or eating chocolate.

Slow down.

Synchronize with the ancient stillness and wisdom of Mother Earth.

Integrate seemingly opposed aspects of your personality or seemingly separate aspects of your life; allow yourself to be a rich and complex blend of qualities.

Tune in to your womb area.

Change to more earth-friendly habits.

Volunteer for an environmental organization or change to a career that involves healing the earth.

Move out of the city and into nature.

Bring more healing nature imagery into your home.

Spend time with black-eyes Susan, bring black-eyed Susan into your home or garden, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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