Attend the Shadow

Dahlia’s Magical Specialties: dreams, mystique, occult wisdom, sweetness of shadows, transmutation of emotions

You are utterly empowered to change your circumstances for the better and to create the conditions you desire. Plus, you are totally lovable and completely deserving of all the best that life has to offer. With all this in mind, there is nothing you need to hide, fear, or look away from. In fact, we have access to our greatest power when we fully feel our painful feelings, deal with our challenges, and shine light on our insecurities so that we can get unstuck and move forward in the direction of our dreams.

Your spirit self chose this incarnation in order to learn, grow, and evolve through dissolving some specific karmic challenges. This means that ferreting out the things you fear or have previously seemed to avoid, and then facing them, will be like fulfilling a contract you made with yourself. As such, it will result in feelings of freedom and liberation, and it will exponentially increase your confidence and general positivity. After all, life would be boring and stagnant if we had no fears to face, wounds to heal, or challenges to conquer.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

An external situation or person is mirroring an internal pattern or challenge that you have not yet dealt with. Deal with the internal, and the external will begin to shift.

Calm and clear your mind, and then deeply consider whether there’s something you haven’t yet admitted to yourself about this situation.

Be proactive about healing an old challenge or changing an old situation for the better.

A present situation or person is mirroring a past situation or person that you have not yet dealt with. Deal with the past, and the present will begin to shift.

Be honest with yourself.

Feel your feelings fully. Don’t worry; feeling feelings means moving feelings! Admitting and allowing them doesn’t mean you’ll be wallowing in them forever.

Release old beliefs about being a victim and take back your power.

Find the lessons and blessings in old challenges and transform them into strengths.

Look your fears in the face, even fundamental ones like fears about death, illness, or losing loved ones. They’re going to be there whether you look at them or not, and looking at them with calm courage will help you to reclaim the fullness of your power.

Journal or draw in order to access deeper levels of awareness.

Pay attention to your dreams, as dreams are frequently messages from our subconscious mind, telling us stories about the things our conscious mind is attempting to resist. Recording them and then coming back to them later or sharing them with a loving and trustworthy friend can often help shed light on their meaning.

Bring dahlia into your garden or home, spend time with dahlia, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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