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Learn to find security from within.

In this card, Ganesha uses the mouse as his vehicle, which signifies his triumph over the ego. In Hindu mythology, the mouse symbolizes the ego, for the ego can eat away at all that is good and decent in a person.

Belonging seeks to solve the predicament of the ego’s own perceived separation. Since the ego has no conscious memory of its connection to others and to Source, you experience a ‘need’ to get out of seclusion by bonding with the people around you. These people can be your family, peer groups, or your community.

The ego is neither good nor bad, but simply a necessary part of you in this existence. The ego can manifest inclinations that are either more positive or more negative in nature. There are many positive aspects to belonging: you develop your ability to love, connect, bond, share, and care for others. You see yourself more clearly through the mirror of relationship. It is important in belonging that you not try to seek approval through others.

Through this card, Ganesha is here to help you focus on the positive feelings from being a part of a community. Learn to trust, ask for help, and to rely on others.

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