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Feel secure in your being.

The dynamics of this lifetime can be complicated. There really does not exist, in this earthly dimension, an environment that is free of trauma, blockages and lessons. The color red is the color of the first chakra referred to as the “root” or “base” chakra. The root chakra is associated with keeping life exciting and sustainable. It is associated with trusting, belonging and accepting. When you feel lost or insecure, you lose energy due to the fear these feelings bring up. When the root chakra energy is in balance, you are centered, grounded, healthy and vibrant, with unlimited physical energy. You love your body and love to use it and take care of it. You feel secure in your life and display good common sense.

Work with Ganesha to create a sense of feeling rooted in order to lift away any heaviness you might be feeling. Focus your attention on the color red and allow yourself to feel joy, energy and creativity coming back into your life. Red symbolizes love and happiness. It is said to encourage action and confidence, and provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.

Remain positive and open to possibilities. Doing this will strengthen the root chakra and create stability and inner strength.

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