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Compassion for others is a natural result of being aware and conscious of your own feelings.

When you are generous in spirit you take complete responsibility for your life.

Work with Ganesha to assist you with stepping up to do the right thing. This is especially important when you are filled with fear and conflicted feelings.

Respect others and live a conscious life. Champion others; support them and actively want them to succeed. Living from this space will create an open heart and mind that will touch anyone who comes into your presence. Be tolerant of ideas and behaviors that may not align with your own thoughts. Spend more time looking at what is good and positive in someone else rather than what you judge as negative or bad. Embrace others’ differences.

Give freely and from your heart. Choose to no longer manipulate and do not do favors with strings attached. As you continue to give, you may find that you no longer envy others. You will be able to give easily and at the same time receive when the same is offered to you. This will go a long way to eliminating the feeling of being separated from others and you may find yourself genuinely happy. Look for and assume the best in people and treat others with respect and acceptance.

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