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There is great freedom in accepting things as they are.

You cannot move forward on your path until you release some of the blame, anger, and sorrow that you have collected on your life’s journey. Ganesha is asking you to forgive those from the past who have hurt you and to be willing to forgive yourself, too. Open your heart to the world outside, and to the one within. This deeper state of recognition and acceptance is what pushes you forward in your spiritual adventure.

Love without judgment and live without predetermined opinions. Accept and express your true self. The ego is beginning to align with the soul. What a relief! You don’t have to control everything, fix everything, and know everything. If you have been overly serious and tense, you now start to remember happiness. You may find that you can laugh at things instead of getting infuriated. Your contentment in life improves dramatically when you harness your ability to look at the world from a more spiritual perspective.

The image of Ganesha holding the banana symbolizes humility and an awareness of not placing too much importance on your thoughts or beliefs in the situation. His potbelly signifies the bounty of mature. It is said that Ganesha consumes the sadness of the Universe and protects the world. Learn to honor the values of others that may differ from your own. See the beauty of diversity. Once you see this beauty, it will open you to recognizing and accepting the beauty that resides within you.

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