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The true essence of your soul is one of complete health.

Ganesha is pictured sitting on a peacock. Peacock feathers have been used in curative remedies for thousands of years in across countless traditional cultures. They are said to carry spiritual medicinal energy that can assist people seeking balance and healing their lives.

The challenges of daily life can throw you out of balance with the truth of your being. It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and in a general feeling of lack. Remember that you were created from the perfection of divine light and love. Your physical body is simply a shell that covers your soul.

True healing is only possible when you take responsibility for your own well being on this Earth and your self-empowerment. See yourself as complete, healthy, and whole. Ganesha prompts you to believe that you truly are capable of handling any matters of health or relationships without blame, and with integrity and grace.

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