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Childlike Expression

In truth, within every soul exists an aspect known as the “inner child.”

You can champion your inner child’s emotional life by listening carefully to what you need and want in your own heart. You may have been taught to give up your own desires for the sake of others. This is not necessary. Ganesha is bringing the guidance that not acknowledging your desires and needs takes away from your life force and defeats your spirit. As a child, you were a sensory expert – it is now time to re-stimulate your inner child’s ability to look, listen, touch, and explore the world in order to reconnect you with your emotions.

Practice trusting your inner knowing or senses. Give your inner child love and a voice. Express your true feelings. Connect deeply to yourself on an emotional level by allowing all of your uncomfortable feelings to reach the surface of your awareness and be seen and experienced.

Find patience and joy in simple things. Take a step away from acquiring material things and take pleasure in the wisdom of your own soul. Love, respect and honor your inner child. Allow time for play – in whatever mode that pleases you, be it socializing, singing, yoga, travel, taking a walk, dancing, meditating or writing. This is how your inner child operates – it knows no boundaries, holds no expectations, and loves unconditionally.

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