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Relaxation is important for your health, mood, relationships and overall well-being.

It is easy to become entangled in anxiety, worry, stress, and paralyzed thinking. Your day-to-day life may be filled with a multitude of stresses that affect your thoughts and cause you to feel disconnected with the truth of your being.

Dedicating time to relaxation provides a solid foundation to assist you to be able to live a more balanced, less stressful life. The importance of respite can help to alleviate tension and other health concerns. Indulge in a “spiritual bath,” adding essential oils and sea salt to the water, lighting candles, burning some incense, and, if possible, utilizing clear quartz and rose quartz crystals to intensify the healing nature of the experience. Use this time to get centered and balanced. Practicing deep breathing techniques can also bring about calm and peace. Remember to take a deep breath before you act impulsively on your thoughts as this will bring fresh oxygen to your body and relieve anxiety.

Affirmations are another great tool to help you relax and grow in body, mind, and spirit. As you repeat positive, life-affirming statements about yourself, you’ll notice powerful manifestations of your affirmations in your life. Ask Ganesha for guidance on your spiritual course towards expansion and illumination, and trust that you can now relax, and enjoy the journey.

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