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You have the ability to manifest prosperity into your daily life.

Ganesha asks that you work on integrating and accepting the spiritual truth that you create your own reality. Truly understanding this makes all the difference when it comes to prosperity. You are responsible for creating and generating your success. It is your divine right to do so. A job, in itself, does not bring you riches. Abundance is more than a job or having money. It is an attitude. It’s about living with appreciation and gratitude daily for all the blessings that are bestowed on your life.

It is easy to forget or neglect the gifts that you receive day after day from the Universe, the Divine, the Source, the Creator. One of your promised gifts is your divine ability to generate the success you want in life by using your spiritual talents. These are abilities that are innate within you – you were born with them. They could include writing, speaking, creative expression, or business ability. Utilize your gifts. You are being given an opportunity to notice and develop them, and begin offering them to the world.

You might like to start writing a prosperity journal. Call on Ganesha to work with you on this. Imagine what would be the perfect day for you and describe it in great detail in your journal. Involve all of your senses to make it as real as possible. See, hear, feel, smell, taste and touch this experience in your mind and heart to help bring it to fruition. This is an abundance card. Ganesha is reminding you that you have everything you need now. It is time to claim your abundance.

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