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Observe, evaluate, and make inquiries before forming a conclusion.

When the moon is waning in the crescent phase, it is a good time to review endeavors and correct mistakes. It is time to throw out what you no longer need and clear away excess and old energy including any clutter you may have accumulated. In addition to discarding excessive material things in your life, eliminate any unhealthy behaviors and relationships.

You may find that you are trying to decide between two options. This card is not about making a decision, but more about taking the time to really listen to your heart and your inner voice. Ganesha advises you to gain more information before you act. This knowledge can be in many forms including your innate knowledge, self-knowledge, secret knowledge or even more esoteric wisdom. You may find that what you are attaining might be both mysterious and magical.

You are in a conscious process of creative release. Give thanks and gratitude for the things that you have accomplished. Don’t feel rushed or pressured to begin a new undertaking. Review your goals and regroup accordingly. Once you have all the necessary information, you will begin to feel motivated to set some new goals and start new projects.

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