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Do not waiver back and forth or be moved by the circumstances that are surrounding you at this time.

Be focused on your purpose and unwilling to be swayed by what other people think or by what you perceive. Ganesha heartens you by revealing that when you know your effort is not futile, you will be steadfast and immovable. This seems to be a major stumbling block in your life at this time. Perhaps your current job gives little recognition, with no real sense of accomplishment or success. You may feel unheard in your relationships. Possibly, the error lies in that fact that in your heart, you really feel your struggle is hopeless. You may recognize it on an intellectual level, but you are easily shaken when you do not see the fruit of your exertion.

Ganesha is pictured here riding the elephant to engage you in the energy of the elephant spirit. Elephants can teach you that kindness, dedication, and communication in relationships is very powerful. They remind you that it is necessary to keep relationships alive, trusting and loving, whether the relationship is with friends, family or a partner. Deeply faithful to all creatures with which they have relationships, elephants are tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them. The matriarch (the oldest, most experienced female leader of the herd) leads in a way that is both gentle and inclusive. Elephants are able to communicate telepathically. When you draw this card, your ability to truly listen to others is enhanced.

Do whatever is necessary to safeguard your resolve. You are receiving guidance that this is the time to dig in. Remain focused and don’t get caught up in trying to create a change. The energy in your job or relationship is ever changing. Ask Ganesha to bring you strength to work through what is happening. Stay committed and on track. Do not give up, as change will show up soon and the situation will be transformed.

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