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Connect to your true source to manifest your desires.

The color purple is associated with being art, creativity, and spirituality. It is considered a color of honor, courage and is sometimes associated with royalty. Ganesha is sharing the purple hue to assist you with your spiritual journey inside yourself. By connecting with him and this energy, you will be redirected back to your true enlightened nature.

Your crown chakra if the purple chakra that is connected to your wellbeing in mind, body and spirit in this life – and beyond. All energy blocks keep you from connecting to your true Source. Set a clear goal of how you would like to connect with your higher self. You may choose to be a healer or to practice a specific modality such as Reiki. You may simply choose to meditate. Everyone has psychic ability and a connection to the Divine. Open yourself up consciously to opportunities that will help you reach your goal.

To really enjoy living on Earth, the more you can do to release the limiting programs and emotional patterns, the more quickly and easily you will manifest your desires. You can create your life as you intend it. Choose to live life fully and achieve real enlightenment – where all things are possible.

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