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Protecting Treasure


Do you too easily give your loyalty to those who haven’t earned it? This is a time to assess your personal loyalties and discern whether they’re being returned in kind. Some relationships are made for convenience, and some favor one side over the other. Vulnerability born in fear may lead to being taken advantage of. Perhaps the imbalance in your relationships is due to a conscious choice you’ve made. If so, make sure you aren’t being hurt by the arrangement. If you believe you’ve found some kind of protective refuge, be aware that there may be a price to pay.

You may also need to reassess whether you’re compromising yourself in any way true to your dream and remember that the angels will bring the right people your way to further the path of your highest good. Remain cautious, and be conscious of the give-and-take in all relationships and projects at this time. Don’t give away the farm for a smile.

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