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Stuck in the Mud


When this card is reversed, it reminds you that you’re stuck due to your obstinate desire to get what you want, when and how you want it. Perhaps it’s uncomfortable to admit that the course of action you’ve chosen for yourself isn’t right for you now. Even so, you have a choice. You can struggle in the mud and get nowhere; or take a moment to observe where you are, then step out, wash away the dirt, dry off, and find other things to do. A much better adventure awaits you. You’ll know when it’s time to embark upon it.


  • I pulled this card last night at a soundbath. I feel it relates to a relationship I’m in. I see this man as my future husband- within seconds of meeting him, I heard a voice telling me so. I am however, stuck in the mud of the friendzone. I don’t want to move on. How else can I wash this mud off?

  • You have to move on. Not necessarily in the sense of abandoning the voice that told you he was your future husband, but at least in the sense of wanting to control the when and how. Let go of the need to control it and let the Universe work its magic. It knows the timing and the details.

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