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Answering the Call

You’ve been called. If you’ve been waiting for your life to shift, the waiting is over. Your true and authentic life is happening. If you’ve been hoping for a sign…this is it. Right now your spirit guides, ancestors, and loved ones who have passé don are sending you messages, love, and healing. You’ve been called, and a gateway is opening for communications from these spiritual realms. Now, and in the days ahead, signs from Spirit will be all around you. Watch for them.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: Indigenous people look to the clouds, the winds, and the movement of animals to discern secret messages from the Creator. In native traditions, life is ruled by signs. Right now your spirit helpers are telling you that this is your time. The waiting is over. Sometimes, we spend so much time waiting for life to happen that we miss the joy in the moment. Cherish the here and now, and know that no matter what concerns you may have, in the deepest sense, you are ready. Believe. Follow the signs, and miracles will abound. Your time is now!

The Journey: Look for signs. They are all around you. The feather that alights at your feet, the penny that mysteriously appears, or the rainbow splashed across the sky may be a sign that Spirit is trying to get your attention. Watch your dreams. Messages from Spirit are often conveyed in the nocturnal hours.

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