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Ancient Forest

Your roots go deep. Incredible, radiant, healing strength is available to you and grows within you. Do not doubt your abilities. You’re so much more than you can possibly imagine. There’s immense, unseen-but very real-support around you. You are loved and cherished. You are grounded, stable, and strong as your spirit reaches high into the heavens.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: Throughout the world, those in indigenous cultures revere what are called the “Tree People.” The powerful life force of trees can bring healing, strengthening, and grounding energies. The kind of tree might vary from culture to culture, but the reverence and gratitude for its beneficial energies are the same. The ancient forest is alive with nature spirits; additionally, each tree has an individual spirit especially powerful and resilient. The forest can survive the harshest conditions because of the mutual support of the spirit of the entire forest. Your greatest strength is silent and deep. It doesn’t need a show of force…it just is. Inner power is found through contemplation, reflection, and meditation. Sometimes it comes from times of growth and change; other times it springs from surviving and conquering painful situations.

The Journey: Adopt a tree. It can be one in your yard or one in a nearby park or wilderness area. Talk to the tree. Touch its bark. Give thanks, and by doing so you create an energy connection that will continue to nurture you, no matter how far away you are from your adopted tree.

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