Essential Meanings: Motives driving intention; the power of knowing the “why.”

The Oracle’s Message: There is great power in understanding your motives right now. The Oracle asks you to be very clear about why you’re asking this question, looking for this answer, behaving in this way, and, most important, making this choice. Knowing your “why” is the key to fulfillment. When you are clear about it, your intention will then be a magnet for miracles. Motives define the nature of your experience – when you think about something, feel it, and then act on it. This invisible “why” is the life-force energy within the seed, which brings it to life and holds the potential for growth.

Relationship Message: We don’t always know why we engage in our relationships in the way we do, mostly because our feelings aren’t always logical. Now is the time to recognize whether you are being triggered by someone else, or if your behavior is motivated by unresolved issues in the past. When you ask yourself, Why am I feeling like this?  and Why did I say that? and spend some times in introspection, the answers may be surprising. Listen to the messages from your intuition, from the knowing deep within you. What does it tell you about yourself and others? In the end, life is all about being loved. Miracles, and a deep understanding of your needs and how to get them met, are the buried treasures of the “why.” Uncover them by posing the most powerful question you can ask yourself and your partner today: Why?

Prosperity Message: Knowing the motives behind your career and creative ventures is the ticket to your greatest success. It’s time to ask yourself some probing questions. Are you driven by a desire to serve? Does your prosperity impact the greater good? When you envision your most prosperous life, are you guided by a sense of purpose or by a need to make money, acquire things, save for the future…or all of these? No motive is bad or good, but having agendas hidden from yourself will lead to disappointment and possibly failure. Be clear about why you want the things you do. If the motives are true, accept them. If they are not, change them so you can step into your extraordinary life.

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