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Bring it into Form

Beautiful dreamer, you can imagine wonderful worlds of light. You can dream up so many possibilities. Now it is time to bring those possibilities of light into the world. They need to be more than ideas. They need to live, to manifest. The world needs not only your dreams, beautiful as they are, but also your creations. Get thee to thy desk! Thy easel! Thy computer! Work, beautiful dreamer. Don’t just dream, create!

You are being asked to honor yourself with a commitment to complete your inspired tasks. This will help you to grow and that is a wonderful reason to commit. But, there is another reason too – you know that your inspired ideas are worth translating into practical form so that other people can access them and experience something special, too.

If you have been thinking about writing a book, painting a picture or acting on and inspiration or idea, then this oracle is bringing you an unequivocal YES! Do it. Now. Don’t dally or dither about the details or worry about how it is all going to work out. The universe loves a bold spirit. Once you take a step, it will rush toward you like an enthusiastic and chivalrous lover – opening doors, hand gently guiding at your lower back – as you are moved forward. You will promptly be provided with all that is needed to take the next step.

There is sacrifice inherent in translating the perfection of an idea into the limited physical form. Although something may be lost when turning a multi-dimensional concept of endless potential into something concrete, this oracle guides you to realize that there is much more to be gained. You must become free of this inspiration so that you can receive your next inspiration. It is already waiting for you. So, on you must go.

This oracle also confirms that the information you need to translate your ideas into form will be provided according to the higher wisdom of life. It may or may not happen by traditional routes. Even if it seems unimaginable, when it is time for something to be born into form, nothing can stop it. It will happen!

If you have also drawn the oracle of the Sacred Fool, feel assured that your path of success is not going to unfold according to the usual rules and regulations. It might happen in ways that surprise you and others, but it will happen. It is meant to be. If you have not drawn that card but feel drawn to read its message, do so after the healing process below.


Relax and follow your breathing as it flows in and out. In your own time, imagine, sense or perceive that there is a beautiful light sparkling, twinkling, like a shining star. This light is within the center of your heart.

What color does it feel like? What energy does it have? What feeling or emotion?

Notice the star and let yourself feel it. If you are a more visual person, you may see colors and shapes. If you are more auditory, you may sense sound – words, pulsations, humming.

The star of light shines, burns and expands. It brings tingling energy into each of your fingers, all the way from your heart, down your arms, into the palms of the hands and radiating through each fingertip. You ca imagine rays of light, life rays of sunshine, emanating out of each finger.

The process then continues from your heart, all the way down through your body and through each leg, until the soles of your feet are filled with light, and it extends like rays out through the tip of each toe, fanning out like rays of sunshine.

When you feel that light has reached through your extremities, say the following,”I am energized and empowered to bring my ideas to life. I release any fear that they won’t live up to the perfection of my ideas or fantasies. I give them permission to become what they want to be, in service to life. In releasing these ideas into form, I open up to receive new ideas and inspirations. I am helped with this process through unconditional love, for the greater good. So be it.”

You have completed your healing process.

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