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Conscious Connections

There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships. There is an opening for heart-to-heart communication that can salvage and restore a broken relationship or friendship, if you are willing to honor your differences and look to what unites you. Sometimes it is hard to bear the differences between one another. One person may be willing to live life in high definition, whilst another may prefer to live it more vicariously, until they have the confidence to step onto the center stage of their own life story. We are not here to judge each other, just to love, to be loved, and to let go of those that cannot accept us as we open up to those who can. This oracle brings guidance for you to trust in the sanctity of the connections in your life.

If you have asked to experience a more sacred connection with people who truly “get” you and want to play life with you, rather than at odds with or against you, then this oracle is confirmation that this manifestation is on its way to you now. It may or may not be obvious at first but kindred spirits are going to enter your life to help you connect with your deeper feelings and creativity. They will give wings to your inspirational ideas and big dreams.

If you have been asking for healing in your current friendships or other immediate relationships, know that this can happen through your willingness to express your true feelings and allow the situation to either fall apart or come together, according to the greater workings of life. Sometimes webs that have joined people together are broken and that is appropriate as people may outgrow what once held them together. Sometimes the ties that bind us together are so strong that they are able to withstand a great deal of pressure and still remain intact. The webs of connection between us will sever or sustain, based on the higher wisdom of life itself. Either way, healing happens in the resolution of our feelings and we are once again able to feel free, forgive and be read to move on to the next stage of relating either with a person who has been in connection with us for a time, or with someone new.

This oracle asks you to remain open to healing connections and to allow people to be close to you. Trust in the process that draws people in and out of your life. Resist nothing and seek wisdom in all.


With your hand on your heart, say out loud, “I surrender all my relationships into unconditional love and ask that the truly nourishing, soul enriching, expansive and nurturing relationships be healed and drawn closer to my heart. I ask that the draining, depleting, destructive or toxic relationships be drawn out of my life. Through unconditional love, mercy, grace and my own free will, so be it.”

Imagine that you can breathe golden light in through the front of your body and out through the back of your body. Repeat the process with a rich emerald green light. Don’t worry if you can’t feel or see the light, just intend to work with the light and relax.

Finally, visualize, perceive or see a beautiful, beating heart with luminous green and gold parrot wings on either side of it. Imagine, perceive or feel that there are many other beautiful beating hearts with parrot wings of different colors and they are all flying around together.

Enjoy the playfulness of this vision and in your own time, come back to the here and now. Feel the air on your skin, notice the temperature of the room you are in and your feet on the floor.

When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your day or evening You have completed your healing process.

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