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What is Already with You

You hold in your hand that which you seek. In other words, the pair of spectacles you have been rummaging around the house for are sitting on top of your head. What you are seeking, perhaps by exploring far and wide, is actually right under your nose. You may not like this idea! It is so much more wonderful to imagine there is something yet to find. Of course, there is unlimited creative potential and always something more that can be – yet in this instance, it is important for you to know that you already have what you need and what you want. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story, although it does ask you to give up the fantasy that a perfect solution lies in the future somewhere. Instead it asks you to acknowledge that everything necessary for success is with you now. All you need do is accept this and act with what you have available to you. This is good news. This particular chapter has a happy ending in store. That ending will become real for you just as soon as you stop trying to skip forward to the next chapter. Better to be completely present in the now. From here, the next phase will naturally happen without force on your part.

It might not seem like you have much to start with. Perhaps you feel that all you have is a small, simple choice to make – perhaps you have a song to begin, an email to send, a conversation to start or a sketch to let loose. However small, it is enough to get the ball rolling. Don’t make the mistake of believing that what you need is behind you, lies with another or is yet to appear. You have all that you need to take the next step in your life and from that, all else will flow. And there is a sweetness to that. It is a small pleasure at first, but one from which greater pleasures can unfurl. This message is amplified if you have also drawn the oracle of Every Journey Starts with a Single Step or the oracle of What Do You Feel? If this is the case, really pay attention to what is being asked of you here, for your own benefit.

This oracle comes with special guidance for you. You are more than ready than you think you are. You are more prepared than you realize. You don’t need an entire army of resources to move ahead –  although you may find that when you do move, many resources suddenly become apparent. All that you need in this moment is just one sweet act of nourishment. That is enough to take you out of backwards nostalgia or regret, and forwards into what is awaiting you now. Be brave. Dig deep within. And enjoy the sweet surrender.


Hug yourself by wrapping your arms around your body. Can you summon love for yourself?

Feel what comes up from you with this. Do you think it is silly and resist it? Can you soften and melt into it?

Feel love for yourself. You are as deserving of love as anyone. Can you accept this love from yourself now?

Feel your heart beat in your chest and the flow of your breath. You are alive. You are connected to life and you can trust in yourself, your own mind, your own body, your own breath. Just be with yourself and know that all is going to be okay. Reassure yourself that letting go of the past is as natural as the passing of the seasons of life.

When you are ready, stand up, open your arms wide and hold them above your head for a moment. Imagine your heart and hands are open and shining out the beautiful light that is within you.

Imagine the universe receiving it and saying, “Yes!” to you. If you are feeling cheeky and ready, send a big, “YES!” back to the Universe and laugh!

That is all. That is enough. You are enough. So be it.

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