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Power of Attraction

There is such wonder awaiting you. There are so many beautiful adventures and so much magic yet to be. Can you keep your heart open to what is coming towards you, without surrendering your experience of this moment by becoming too future-oriented? You see, there is magic in this moment, too. There is something arising within you, out of the depths of your being. In this process there is a shift in environment both internal and external. A fertility is being stimulated.

This is your time to play with that fertility. To conceive, create and embark upon the process of transformation with an open heart and mind. You may not know where it is all going to lead. All you need to know is that it will be wonderful and exactly, perfectly, what is needed. Beyond that, allow the energy of fertile growth and abundance that now flow so naturally and richly within you and around you, simply to be.

You are a big soul and with that often comes big dreams. You might worry that you want too much out of life. Perhaps you think that you are only capable of small dreams. If you have drawn the oracle of Big Bold Vision as well, then this part of the message is highlighted for you. This oracle is guiding you to remember that there are stages of creation. A house cannot be built without the flooring. No matter how beautiful the stained glass windows you plan to install are, the walls needs to be up first! Your big life dreams are a work in progress. Just like you…

If you have been working on healing something within you, started a new creative project or just taken on a new job or relationship and feel that although you are getting some results, you are impatient for more, doubt that you can continue or ever find the “zone” or become proficient in the situation at hand, then this oracle comes as reinforcement. You are doing well! That which is worthwhile takes time to build. Celebrate each success, even the small ones. You are creating something of worth. Be patient, keep going and trust.

This oracle comes with a special message. You have recently completed a cycle or level of manifestation and are transitioning into the next level of experience. Like a big fish leaving the small pond and feeling like a rather small fish in a bigger pond, there will be some “getting used to it” time needed as you find your way. This will add to what you have already done and bring valuable expansion to your realization of your abilities as well as many new relationships and opportunities to help you go further on your journey. What you are in the process of creating will benefit from this stage in your process. Whether your creation is simply your sacred life path, a particular creative work, or an actual child, there is a positive and constructive energy that is unfolding for you now, to boost this process and carry you further along the way. Do you dare to dream until it manifests? Even if nay-sayers challenge you? Of course you do, sacred rebel!

This oracle brings you guidance. You are going to attract whatever is needed to complete your work in progress and bring it to fruition. Remain open to receive and trust in the unfolding of your life experiences. Do not turn away. All of the necessary elements are coming together. Allow this integration to occur so that you can manifest your dreams.


Close your eyes and relax. Imagine that you are in a wild, desert landscape in nature, in the middle of summer. The sun is hot overhead and you can sense the aridity of the land, the green cacti sprouting with spikes and the strong heat rising from the earth in shimmering waves.

How does this feel to you?

Then you are in a red, golden forest with trees looking as though they are set on fire with vibrant colored leaves, that fall to the ground, creating lush heaps of crunchy, colored debris. The air is becoming crisp and cool.

How does this feel to you?

The moon rises overhead and you are in a winter landscape. Mountains of snow have fallen and light, delicate snowflakes settle onto the heap as the dark night sky becomes clear and filled with endless stars. The dazzling aurora borealis begins to shimmer. Vivid green light swirls and shimmers, hauntingly beautiful, dancing through the night sky. The sharp cold night air is invigorated with light.

How does this feel to you?

The you are in a lush, green landscape sprouting with new shoots and a warm sun caressing the earth. Lambs and rabbits frolic sweetly and playfully. Daisies and daffodils create a vibrant, yellow blanket over the green grasses and there is a sweet scent on the mild, warm air.

How does this feel to you?

Say aloud, “I trust in the cycles of my life, my work, and my own spiritual growth. Through unconditional love, I thrive.”

When you are ready, just open your eyes and you have completed your healing process.

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