Walk away from restrictions and be free! You have the power and the right to change your life so that you experience more freedom. This card signifies that your soul is crying out for more freedom, especially as it involves your life’s purpose. Perhaps it’s time to take a break so that you can think clearly about your desires and available options. The universe always supports the desire for expansion, creativity, and freedom. Say yes to freedom and the universe will say yes to you.

Additional meanings: It’s time to leave a situation that you’ve outgrown. Question the validity of any rules that you’ve imposed on yourself. Allow the universe to support you while you make desired life changes. Be assertive and say no to anyone who’s overstepping boundaries with you.

Hina is a Polynesian and Hawaiian moon goddess who’s considered so beautiful that no one can directly look at her. She felt compassion for the natives, so she threw pieces of the moon down to the islands to provide for their material needs. The pieces turned into banyan trees, which the natives pounded into tapas cloth for use in clothing and commerce. Call upon Hina for issues involving fertility, attraction, and manifestation.

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