Reiki Certification

Reiki Certification for Level I and Level II practitioners will be available in the near future. If you’re interested in learning how to perform Reiki on yourself and others, please use the Contact us form below¬†with “Reiki training” in the subject area.

Ordained Minister

Ministry services are available. Pricing is a reflection of location and type of service requested. Please use the Contact us form below with “Ministry services” in the subject area.

Home Smudging

On-site home or office smudgings are available. Pricing is a reflection of the location requested. Please use the Contact us form below with “Smudging request” in the subject area.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of hands-on healing energy that helps relax the recipient and reduce stress. To book your hands-on Reiki session, click here. To book your distance Reiki session, click here.

Hand-Made Malas

Ever Mala is hand-made with love. They are cleansed and charged under the Moon. You may also choose to have them infused with Reiki energy at no extra charge, simply add a note to your order requesting Reiki infusion. Check out my hand-made Malas here.

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

With several decks to choose from, ask your question and receive Divine Guidance. Don’t have a specific question in mind? Spirit knows, even when you can’t verbalize it. Choose from a variety of Tarot decks and spreads here. Or choose from a variety of Oracle decks and spreads here.

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