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Isis Oracle

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Wing of Isis Spread

This 5-card spread will help lift you to a new level of understanding.

Card 1-What is the real issue for me right now on a spiritual level?

Card 2-How can I best heal that in my day-to-day life?

Card 3-What will the gift or outcome of this be?

Card 4-What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for me to get to the best outcome?

Card 5-What special guidance is there to help me resolve this in the best way now?

Golden Sun of Horus Reading

This reading is deep and detailed 9-card spread, offering specific insight into a problem or issue. It will also provide guidance on what to do or not do to heal it.

Card 1-The issue at hand at the deepest spiritual level. This card reveals the deep core matter at hand. It may not be what you thought it was!! Or it could be exactly what you thought.

Card 2-The spiritual lesson that you have been learning up until now in relation to the core issue. This will help you put everything into perspective. All of your past experiences, struggles and triumphs will be understood.

Card 3-The spiritual lesson, guidance or gift that is coming in the near future on this matter which will help you move swiftly through it. You’ll get to your goal of healing and breakthrough more swiftly and gracefully if you keep this lesson and guidance in mind.

Card 4-The hidden forces that  you do not recognize consciously as yet that are part of what is happening and why. This card can help you gain perspective to see what is contributing to the issue, whether it’s coming from within you or externally. It will help you better understand what is happening in the issue you are trying to solve, whether spiritually, psychologically or physically. This awareness will help prevent you from being caught by surprise as you bring about the resolution.

Card 5-The effects of the world, relationships, other people or situations apparently beyond your control in this situation. This card can help you sense the karmic energy of the situation. It could indicate spiritual or external influences. Your decided to encounter these energies before you incarnated because they would help you grow. Now they will help you understand how to move through the issue. Will it be as a challenge? Or as a gift?

Card 6-What do I need to know about this issue now from my higher guidance? You have Higher Guides that love you unconditionally. This is an opportunity for them to give you their perspective and insight which may be very helpful to the situation.

Card 7-What do I need to do now about this from my higher guidance? This is another opportunity for your Higher Guides to speak about what practical action or non-action would be helpful for you to take.

Card 8-I ask that my higher guidance help me see any pitfalls or mistakes to avoid for a quicker and easier solution. Your higher guidance can often see where you might be heading and can give you a heads up. This card can help you determine if you are heading for an otherwise avoidable problem. It can also guide you on how to avoid unnecessary suffering in healing the issue at hand.

Card 9-What is the highest possible healing outcome hiding in this situation. This card will help you know what the healed situation looks like. It may be surprising. It will be positive and uplifting. It will help you visualize and feel how you want the issue to be resolved. Because this guidance will be in alignment with higher destiny, you can pray for this outcome and know that the universe will respond swiftly.