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Kuan Yin Oracle

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Kuan Yin’s Mirror Spread

This spread is to be used when you have a relationship issue that needs clarification and healing, whether it’s a personal or business relationship.

Card 1-Your learning in this situation. Helps you realize what you are supposed to be mastering within, what this relationship can help you to learn.

Card 2-Their learning in this situation. Helps you understand their soul lessons which may be very different or very similar to your.

Card 3-Highest outcome. Helps you realize how much and in what ways you can grow from this relationship whether it continues in the long term or short term.

The Lotus Blossom Spread

This 4-card spread can be used to connect to your guidance and receive spiritual instruction to move through any block that is bothering you.

Card 1-The heart of the issue (it might not be what you think!0.

Card 2-How can you best grow to heal the real heart of the issue? The best pathway  or approach for you to take to heal the genuine issue at hand.

Card 3-Special guidance. This is a card of communication from your Higher Guidance.

Card 4-Guidance for the Future. This card gives a sense of the bigger picture of where you are progressing spiritually as you heal this issue.