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Native Spirit Oracle

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 Three Card Spread

Card 1-What needs to be healed. Also known as the blockage.

Card 2-How to heal the blockage. Helps resolve the obstacle.

Card 3-Future outcome. Represents how the situation will be resolved if you follow the advice given in the previous two cards.

Four Direction Spread

Card 1-East  Card. Reveals what’s beginning in your life, what needs to begin, or what you need to search for or explore.

Card 2-South Card. This reveals what is expanding in your life. This is what you should be growing and working toward.

Card 3-West Card. This reveals what you’re harvesting or gathering. It can also represent what you need to release or clutter-clear out of your life.

Card 4-North Card. This is what you need to consolidate or nurture. It’s also what you need to repair or heal.

Messages from Your Spirit Guides

Card 1-Message from your higher self. This card represents you.

Card 2-Message from Grandfather Sky. This card represents what the heavenly beings want you to know.

Card 3-Message from from Grandmother Earth. This card represents messages from the divine earth mother and from all your animal, plant and stone allies.

Card 4-Message from your ancestors. This card carries a message from your relatives who are in spirit form.

Card 5-Message from your future self. This card contains a message from the person you are to become in the future. This is the opportunity that we so often look for when we yearn about “if only we could go back and tell our younger selves.”

Tree of Life Spread

The Tree of Life spread is excellent for understanding deeper issues and what the ultimate outcome will be.

Cards 1-4 are the root cards that represent the underlying energy occurring right now in your mental body, your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. This is where you are now.

Card 5 is the base of the tree, where you are right now in your life.

Cards 6-9 represent the branches of the tree and where you are heading in the future in regard to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Medicine Wheel Spread

The Medicine Wheel spread is a 12 Moon cycle. The first card represents the Moon you’re currently in, with each subsequent card representing the Moons following, forecasting your coming 12 moons (months).