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Whispers of Lord Ganesha Oracle

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 Three Card Spread

Card 1-The past. What has been occurring up to this moment or what lesson you have been working on.

Card 2-The current situation. what you are working on learning or what you should know right now. This can include the represent moment and up to 3 months from now.

Card 3-The future. What will be coming in the very near future (3-6 months). It may also show what you need to do to bring about the situation you desire.

Relating Spread

This 4-card spread offers a quick look at your relationship with someone else, whether that someone else is your boss, co-worker, friend, lover, sibling, parent or child.

Card 1-Represents you and what you are contributing to the relationship here/now..

Card 2-Represents the other person and their input into the relationship.

Card 3-The combined energies.

Card 4-The insight or guidance around the situation.

Ganesha’s Horseshoe Spread

This spread can help you discern what your next step is and what obstacles might be in your way.

Card 1-Where you are now.

Card 2-Your next step or task.

Card 3-Obstacles.

Card 4-Strength and resources.

Card 5-New focus or outcome.