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Divine Timing

Impatiens’ Magical Specialties: alignment with divine timing, being present, grounding

Be assured that the realm of spirit is orchestrating everything perfectly, down to the smallest detail. Do your best to release the desire to control things or make them other than what they are. The more you release this tendency, the more everything will seem to just miraculously unfold: more and more often, you will find yourself in the perfect place at the perfect time doing to perfect thing. Similarly, you will receive good news and all forms of help in exactly the times and ways that are most beneficial to you.

If you take a moment to consider this mindset, you will see it is immanently logical. First of all, there is no sense in attempting to control things that are beyond your ability to control. This is simply a waste of energy and can become a chronic source of anxiety. Secondly, even when there are some factors that you can control, you are so close to your own life that you can’t see the big picture as it’s unfolding. It’s like you’re a pilot and the divine realm is the air traffic controller. Even if you can’t possibly be aware of all the factors at work, relax and trust that the realm of spirit can.

Like the mountain in the distance on the card image, find stillness and patience, and consider the long view. And, like the woman on the card, feel that you are safely shielded and protected beneath the magical umbrella of divine timing. Relax. Trust. Dwell in a state of inner quiescence. All is well.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Love what is, and release attachment to a forced idea of what “should” be.

Everything is perfectly unfolding.

Everything is occurring in perfect and divine timing.

Relax and release the need to control.

Inwardly or aloud, recite the Serenity Prayer.

Trust the details of divine orchestration.

Don’t hurry or rush.

There is no competition for your life path. No one can do exactly what you can do in exactly the way you do it.

Take your time and do it right.

Disengage from the hustle and bustle.

Don’t panic about deadlines or other seeming time constraints.

Enjoy all the phases of your life.

Release attachment to the past.

Release anxiety about the future.

Be here now.

Surrender to the journey of life.

Trust the process of life.

Enjoy the experience of things, rather than being overly concerned with results or outcome.

Stop along the way to enjoy the view and smell the flowers.

Take things one step at a time.

Make a point of enjoying all the people, animals, and moments in your life.

Bring impatiens into your garden or home, spend time with impatiens, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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