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Tuberose’s Magical Specialties: intuition, peace, protection, purification, sensuality, wealth

Like the sweetly mesmerizing aroma that permeates any area where the other-worldly tuberose blossom happens to dwell, romance is in the air. This card signifies a romantic relationship on the horizon or an existing one that is about to blossom forth into a beautiful new phase. It might also be a message about opening your heart to the romance of life in general – reveling in the sensual pleasures of the moment and treating yourself like the precious divine child that you are.

Tuberose wants you to know that your romantic yearnings are gifts in and of themselves. Through opening to the fluctuations of your physical and emotional desires, and allowing them to be what they are – without judgment, compulsiveness, or excessive angst – you activate your magnetism and empower yourself to attract ever-greater levels of romance, as well as all other forms of positivity. Tuberose’s pure, sensual presence also communicates that while you may enjoy being in relationships with others, you are, in truth, one with the Divine and are therefore never dependent on any person, place, or finite condition for your ultimate satisfaction. Through letting go of the need to control or predict the future, you open up to the spontaneous joy and romance of the present, and all that you have been chasing after begins chasing after you.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

There is a mutual romantic attraction between you and the object of your inquiry.

A romantic relationship is about to deepen or move into a beautiful new phase.

A romantic relationship is on the horizon.

It’s important for you to be romantic with yourself right now. For example, you might take aromatherapeutic baths, get yourself flowers, light candles, or dance sensually in your living room.

Remember that life is romantic in and of itself and that romance is your birthright. As such, stop looking to any person, place, or situation to provide your sole romantic nourishment, and embrace the romance that is within and around you now.

If you’re placing conditions on another person, let go of control and reclaim your authentic, grounded power. Open up to the present, be true to your heart, and let the future be what it will. Choose to be your own partner and to love yourself with the fervor that you have been desiring to receive from others. This is the soil in which the most beautiful romantic experiences grow.

Spend time with tuberose, bring tuberose into your home or garden, inhale the scent, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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