Iris’ Magical Specialties: alignment with inner truth, creativity, energetic balance and calibration, intuition and divine messages, love-drawing, purification, protection

The time is right to adjust and attend to the finer details. Like pure white sunlight shining through droplets of ware to sort and balance the rays into the appearance of a rainbow, or like a tuning fork helping instruments find their ideal resonance, become conscious of subtle energies at work, and then sort and balance them into a harmoniously beautiful arrangement.

It appears that the situation at hand does not require a major overhaul but rather one or more subtle shifts. This might entail a small change in your health care or eating habits, clearing a small mount of clutter, rearranging your home, taking more naps, taking five or ten minutes daily for meditation or deep breathing exercises, spending time in nature on a regular basis, or simply adopting a more positive, self-loving, and pleasantly expectant perspective. Although you might be craving a larger shift, be assured that small changes in the present never fail to bring about large changes in the future. For example, consider the effect of dropping a tiny pebble in a still lake or of a butterfly flapping her wings. Also remember this Taoist proverb: “The journey of a thousand miles starts beneath your feet.”

If you are inquiring about something for which you have been preparing, the message of this card might be that you have done most of the work, but you still have some finer things to attend to, such as details to work out, contingencies to prepare for, or flourishes to add.

This card also signifies energy healing, so it might be time for you to receive an alternative treatment of some sort, such as Reiki, acupuncture, feng shui, or craniosacral therapy. Additionally, you might be receiving a message that it’s time for you to learn, refine, or practice a healing modality as a hobby or career path.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Attend to the details.

Change, establish, or release a habit.

Shift your perspective.

Clear clutter.

Practice feng shui in your home, or rearrange your home in a way that feels more convenient and inspiring.

Make small changes in your home that uplift your spirit, such as hanging a rainbow crystal in a window or cleaning the inside of the fridge.

Take subtle action rather than obvious, over-the-to action.

Tie up loose ends.

Fine-tune your plans and preparations.

Do the things you’ve been putting off: get your teeth cleaned, wash your car, or roll up loose change, for example.

Schedule an energy healing.

Learn an alternative healing modality.

Take a sea salt bath, take a dunk in a clean, moving body of water, or smudge yourself with white sage smoke to clear and calibrate your energy field.

Cleanse and clear the energy in your home (with sage, a chime, and sea salt, for example).

Ask yourself: What small changes can I make in my life that will help purify and balance my energy field?

Ask yourself: What can I release in order to improve my personal vibration?

Bring iris into your garden or home, spend time with iris, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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