Cool Down

Crocus’ Magical Specialties: banishing nightmares, cooling violent emotions, happiness, wealth

When your emotions, desires, or stress levels are burning hot, it can be difficult to raw upon the gentle warmth of happiness, the tepid neutrality of reason, or the calm coolness of clarity. Now is the time to take a step back and extinguish any raging fires on the internal plane before you take an action on the external.

Take a moment to close your eyes; take some deep, conscious breaths; relax your muscles; and visualize a crocus flower bursting forth from the cold, snowy ground. Now, put yourself in the flower’s place. Feel the ice all around you as you calmly radiate your beauty and draw upon your deep wellspring of confident inner knowing. When you have successfully called up the feeling of coolness, bring the visualization to a close and follow your intuition about steps to take in the physical world in order to cool down in a more lasting and significant way. For example, perhaps it’s time to schedule a retreat, take a nap, temporarily disengage from a relationship or conflict, or simply take a few minutes of solitary quiet time before making any decisions or taking any action.

Sometimes we have difficulty cooling down when it comes to stress or emotions because we refuse to acknowledge or honor our feelings. Then, rather than running their natural course, these feelings fester and grow over time. That’s why this card might also signify a need to look within and discover any feelings that we’ve been judging so that we can feel them fully and let them go. Simply admitting that we’re stressed out about something – or that we’re feeling angry or sad because of something that happened in the past – can be a huge release and relief, especially when we take the time to allow for the full realization and actualization of these feelings once we’ve become aware of them.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Don’t make any rash moves. Do nothing until you’ve calmed and centered your mind. Then and only then, proceed with neutrality and clarity.

Relax and take it easy.

Take steps to minimize the negative effects of stress in your life.

Acknowledge and honor your feelings. Feel them fully, express them safely, and then let them go. (Yell, cry, dance like crazy, punch a punching bag, or hit your bed with a tennis racket if necessary to let those feelings out.)

Go on a retreat.

Meditate, do yoga, or engage in deep breathing exercises.

Get a massage or healing treatment.

Visit or spend time near the snow. If you’re contemplating moving to a colder location, this card is validation that this would be a positive decision.

Take a nap.

Sleep on it.

Disengage from conflict.

Remove yourself from any violent or potentially violent relationships or situations.

Release a responsibility or relationship that causes more stress or heartache than it’s worth.

Make decisions and take actions based in reason and rationality.

Override the impulse to act out of passion.

Now is not the time to let your self-righteous anger run the show.

Bring crocus into your garden or home, spend time with crocus, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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