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Morning Glory

Awaken to Magic

Morning Glory’s Magical Specialties: awakening to the magic of life, clarity, simplicity, happiness, harmony, intuition, divine guidance, receptivity, relaxation

Awaken to the magic of life. Magic is within you and all around you. Granted, things may seem stale, boring, or mundane on occasion, but be aware that this is the illusion, not the reality; in reality, only magic is real. Even if a magical mindset currently seems like an insurmountable leap from where you are now, know that the magic hasn’t forgotten you. The sky stretches infinitely over your head. The earth beneath your feet pulsates with life and reaches all the way down to the molten core. Your lungs breathe and your heart beats without you even having to think about it. This present moment is unique and perfect in its own way, and it’s more precious than gold and more fleeting that a delicate blossom in the noonday summer sun.

Also, awaken to the magic that you possess to change this situation or issue according to your deepest and most authentic desire. True desire, after all, is a divine blueprint for your most ideal life expression and contains infinite transformational power. Ask yourself: What would I like to experience in this situation? How would I like to feel? Once you have your answer, feel the feelings and see the pictures in your mind’s eye associated with the eventuality. Know in your heart that this reality is already true, and it is. Time is an illusion, after all, and one of the magician’s tools is transcending the illusion of time by creating the feeling and expectation of the future in the present. This way the two merge into one, and – provided it is an authentic expression of your heart of hearts – your desire can’t help but appear in the physical world.

Notice any impulses or nudges you may feel regarding how to work your magic: it might be as simple as setting a clear intention, feeling the feelings associated with it, and visualizing its manifestation. Or you might be drawn to lighting a candle, spending time with the flowers, taking a flower essence, or performing a ritual of some kind. Let your magical intuition carry you along, and know in your heart that you can change this situation for the better.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

Magic is all around you. Open your eyes to it.

A solution you may not have noticed yet is awaiting your recognition.

Trust your intuition and follow your intuitive nudges about how to clearly manifest your inner intention into outer reality.

Disregard skeptics and follow your unique magical path.

Perform a ritual or spell.

The time is right to consciously change an old pattern for the better. To move out of a rut, try something new or do something differently.

Make a point of noticing the magic that is within you and all around you, now and always.

Expect a miraculous and magical outcome, and allow that expectation to help you manifest your desire.

Keep your thoughts and feelings focused on your aim.

Be alert to the magical factors at work in this situation.

Stop doubting yourself and remind yourself that you possess vast spiritual and magical power.

Awaken to the magic that is already present in your life – there is plenty of it! – and also remember that what we focus on expands.

Learn a new magical or intuitive modality that calls to you, such as candle magic or tarot.

Read a book on magic that interests you, and spiral more deeply into your awareness of the magical arts.

Cultivate your intuition.

Bring morning glory into your garden or home, spend time with morning glory, or take the homeopathic flower essence remedy.

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