Harmonious Partnership

Neroli’s Magical Specialties: heavenly assistance, beauty, clarity, comfort, luxury, emotional balance, stress relief, happy children, happy home, marital bliss, positive thinking, sensuality, trust

Traditionally, neroli – a variety of orange blossom commonly used in aromatherapy and perfumery – is associated with marriage and long-term romance, but drawing this card might also involve a harmonious partnership with a friend or business associate. If you’re specifically inquiring about another person, it appears that this person is an ideal partner for you in some important way, perhaps just for the purpose of an individual lesson or situation, but more possibly for the long haul. If you’re single and you’re inquiring about your love life, it appears that great love is on the horizon. And if you’re inquiring about anything else, the message may be to look to a beloved partner or friend for support or collaboration, for a desirable solution will result from his or her advice, contacts, generosity, or expertise.

One of the most important lessons many of us need to learn in this lifetime is that we are none of us an island:  we thrive on profound and heartfelt relationships with others. When we experience conflict with someone we love, working through the pain, the discord, and the heartache to find an even deeper level of connection helps us evolve spiritually and brings comfort, strength, and wisdom like nothing else can. Similarly, when we continually work through our own fears and blocks around relationships in order to open up to others with true authenticity and vulnerability, we experience ever-increasing levels of joy and personal expansion.

The following ideas and messages may apply to your present situation; notice any that particularly call out to you as you read:

The person you’re inquiring about is an ideal partner for you in some important way.

Marriage or long-term romance is on the horizon.

Look to a partner or friend for support or guidance.

Find the blessings and wisdom to be gained from the relationship you’re inquiring about.


Be brave and commit to resolving any conflicts in your relationship, even if it involves uncomfortable emotions or discussions.

Relax and open your heart.

Release old fears and blocks about relationships.

Breathe deeply and tune in to your senses in order to become more receptive to your emotions and the emotions of others.

Be willing to be vulnerable and authentic with yourself and others.

Spend time with neroli flowers (or other citrus blossoms), work with the essential oil, take the homeopathic flower essence remedy, or plant a citrus tree in your yard.

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