About Divine Sanctuary

Divine Sanctuary began as a blog site that I went to for peace, solitude and love in an often crazy world. There, I would post inspirational artwork and quotes as a way to escape the crazy, negativity I was feeling and seeing far too often. I was at a very low point of depression in my life, and Divine Sanctuary helped me to hold on when all I really wanted to do was let go.

Through Divine Sanctuary, I was able to grasp at glimmers of hope and eventually pull myself out. In the course of doing that, I delved deeper into my own spirituality and expanded my horizons on many levels. I became an Ordained Minister and a Reiki Master. I started exploring various forms of meditation and found a love for creating Malas using gemstones (to utilize their healing properties during my meditations). I became a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Certified Realm Reader, a Crystal Reiki Master and am currently working on becoming a Certified Akashic Records Reader.

I host and perform Healing Circles every month on the Full and New Moons, and am honored to be joined by women who have become sisters along my path.

Helping others feel comforted and loved in this life is my path. I know how it feels when the last straw of hope slips from your grasp and love can’t be found in any corner, especially where we need it most: from ourselves.

In sharing Divine Sanctuary and offering products and services related to the spiritual journey, I hope this becomes your place of peace and love.

Wishing you Love and Light,