About Malas

What is a Mala necklace?

Mala is a Sanskrit word for meditation garland. Mala necklaces are made of 108 beads and a guru bead. The 108 beads are used to keep count during mantra meditations. The guru bead is intended as a starting and stopping point.

How to use a Mala necklace for meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine straight and your eyes closed. Take several deep breaths and focus on your mantra or intention. Hold your Mala in right hand, comfortably draped between your index and middle finger. Use your thumb to count and move the beads toward you as you recite your mantra, starting at the guru bead. Do this 108 times until you reach the guru bead again. If you’d like to continue after the 108 repetitions, simply reverse direction rather than passing over the guru bead.

For shorter meditations, you can move your fingers along to the various “separator” beads and stop. Or you can repeat the mantra until you reach a separator bead and then move backwards toward the guru bead.

Choosing a mantra

Your mantra can be anything that you choose. It can be a specific intention, such as “clear communication” or even “world peace.” The options are endless.

What if your Mala breaks?

If your Mala breaks, it symbolizes a broken cycle. The intentions set for that Mala are complete and you no longer “need” it. When you buy a Mala from Divine Sanctuary, I will fix that karmic cycle for you one time. Simply contact me to make arrangements for the repair.

Choosing a Mala

Divine Sanctuary offers a wide variety of hand-made Malas to choose from. In the item description of each Mala, you will find the various properties of the stones used. In addition to the metaphysical properties of the stones, you can request to have the Mala infused with Reiki energy. Browse the various Malas available here.

Cleansing your Mala

All crystals and gemstones are made of energy that must occasionally be cleansed in order to maintain optimal functionality. Two cleansing techniques can be used for all Malas made by Divine Sanctuary, guaranteed to cleanse the Mala and maintain the integrity of the stones used. Some stones are sensitive to water, sunlight or salt, so these techniques ensure the safety of your stones.

The first technique would be to pass the Mala through the smoke of of sage or palo santo. The second technique would be to lay the Mala in the light of the Full Moon for a few hours.

Find your perfect Mala here or a Mala bracelet here.