About Healing Circles

I began conducting Healing Circles in July 2013. It started as a weekly event, but quickly turned into a Full Moon and New Moon event. Since they began, I am now joined with my healing intentions by wonderful women who have become sisters to me.

It is non-denominational with a Facebook event page created for each Healing Circle. We encourage the participation of the attendees, but it is not a requirement. All attendees are sent healing energy. We gather in Spirit by meditating, smudging, sending good wishes, prayers, healing intentions and/or Reiki.

Please click here to find the Full/New Moon event listings on my Facebook page. Simply click on the one(s) you want to join and it will take you to that event. If you do not have a FB account but would like to be included in the Healing Circles, please send me an email. I will make sure you’re included. Love and Light.